My little cabin makes me think of Brigadoon, a place where time stands still. Every hundred years the portal of time opens up and you can stay, frozen in an idyllic time and place, or you can go and live in the world where nothing slows down. I’ve got a strong feeling the time is coming when I’ll have to make that choice. I know full well what I’ll choose. I am not one to stand still for long, no matter how beautiful the days may be. When the time comes, I’ll step out, gingerly at first, then run. I have photographs, words, and memories. I’ve always had a strong sense of place. This little hill has become a part of me and I will always find it in my heart when I need a comforting place of solitude and peace.

While I’m still here, I’ll cherish the moments—the noisy birds and silly lizards, the deer and the breeze. I’m trying not to be in a hurry. I’m also trying not to be too sedentary. This place has seen me through a very rough time. The events that led me here, though constantly on my mind, are still too painful to write about. I am looking for a bit of distance, perspective, so that I can make sense of it. It’s about love and friendship and feeling the rawness of life. It’s about feeling so raw and living so much that it very nearly kills you. It’s about making sacrifices. It’s about sacrificing yourself, and love, and very nearly sacrificing life itself.

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