Sometimes life gets in the way and the best you can do is plug along. I am plugging along as best I can. This has been a rough week at our house. If I actually post this, it will be a minor miracle. 

That said, this being Thanksgiving, I am going to count my blessings.

What I am grateful for:

The opportunity to write everyday.

The love and support I receive from my husband. He encourages me to reach my goals and he is proud of me. He is the best partner for me and I really enjoy traveling through this world with him. I love you Michael.

Zoom. Zoom has provided me with a writing community. Being a part of a community of writers is integral to writing. Without Zoom, I don’t know how I would find that. 

My job. I really like my job. Yes, I like that it is part-time, enabling me to write full-time finally after all these years, but I just like it. I work with sincere and dedicated people. I have the opportunity to work on interesting projects and I am learning how to edit and write in a business setting. 

My daughter is in a good place. This is what we all want for our children. She has worked hard to make a wonderful life for herself and her new husband. I am so grateful for both of them and for their accomplishments. I am grateful that they have each other, that they are happy and that they are eager and curious about the world. I am especially grateful to be a part of their life.

I am so thankful to get to spend time with my Mom and Dad as they age. The conversations we have and the time we spend together are such a blessing. They continue to teach me things.

My friends and family who have my back. Ya’ll know who you are. You are the ones who believed in me when I was at my lowest point. You are the ones who never disappeared when I needed someone to trust and to trust me. You are the ones who stayed to celebrate my successes and encourage me to write. Thank you. I’ve got your back too. And I love you.


Sunny days.


All the joy in my life and there is so much of that now!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Oh, and also dogs. Of course, I am grateful for dogs.

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