Family Secrets

The Fiddler’s Son by Amy Isaman

As a continuation of Harper’s and Sarah’s stories from The Overlander’s Daughter, this sequel does not disappoint! We go deeper into Harper’s story and Sarah’s struggles continue. Amy Isaman can weave a story! Like The Overlander’s Daughter, The Fiddler’s Son moves back and forth in time between present day Harper and nineteenth century Sarah. This is a sequel so read The Overlander’s Daughter first.

She keeps it authentic too, incorporating facts in the story such as pioneers turning a wagon cover into a tick mattress once they are settled. These details ground us in time and place. She includes historical notes in the back to provide a deeper understanding of the events and politics of this particular time and place.

Sarah’s past comes back to haunt her in a very real way when her son is kidnapped. She has to learn who she can trust and utilize her own inner courage to bring her family back together. Harper is a young, modern woman finding her way in the world. Although she is on her own with no family for support, she possesses a fierce inner strength not unlike Sarah. When Emma requests her help to find her estranged mother, Harper must balance assisting Emma without hurting her delicate relationship with Emma’s grandmother.

Both Sarah and Harper learn that secrets can hurt even those they are meant to protect. Truths are revealed so that lives can be patched back together.

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